Struwig Eco-Reserve forms part of the Balule Nature reserve, which form part of the greater Kruger National Park eco-system. It means that all fences over an area of two million hectare has been lowered and wild animals roam freely over this area. Unfortunately, one would not be allowed to travel into the Kruger National Park via Struwig Eco-Reserve. Everyone are required enter the Kruger National Park via the official entry gates.

Our chalets are situated on the bank of the Olifants (Elephant) river for more than four kilometres, enabling our visitors to spend hours watching game from the luxury of the visitors area. In the river area you will find Crocodile, Elephant Hippopotamus and many other species. Yes the Big Five can be seen at Struwig Eco Reserve!

If you are into "Birding"! Struwig is a Birding-paradise! you might be lucky and spot the following: African Fish Eagle, Black-backed puffback, a variety of Fish catching birds, Finch, Water birds and if you are very lucky the rare Pel's Fishing Owl..

Hardekool tree, Marula, Sjambokpod (Cassia abbreviata), and the giant Jackal-berry on the river shore. Giraffe, Njala, Kudu, Waterbuck, Zebra, Buffalo, Genet or Leopard in the Bush!!

Our exclusivity makes our Reserve stand out above the rest! We do not have many visitors at one time, making it easier to enjoy our natural environment. You will enjoy the tranquilty the African bush provides. We offer the exclusivity, which is provided by some of the top wild life Reserves offered at a fraction of the cost!

We invite you: Come and experience God's creation on a new manner. Experience the closeness of nature from our game viewing vehicles. Explore the bushveld by foot with an armed guide. At night you can relax around a bush fire while enjoying the view over the Olifantsriver. Alternatively, just relax under the majestic Jackall-berry on the shore of the river. Book your experience today!


Guided walksprovide the ideal environment to explore animal tracks, indentify plants, trees and insects. You will also notice the beautifyl birdlife of the area.

Other Activities

Bush dining

For that special occasion nothing is more tranquil than to enjoy your food with our legandary bush dinner under the stars! A Traditional South African meal with Lanterns and the African bush sounds will beat any experience you could have at an expensive retuarant in the city!

Game Drives

Experience the African bush with our qualified field guards in a game viewing vehicle. We offer three guided game drives a day during the summer and winter months (times vary according to season), giving you the opportunity to experience lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and hippo movements. Other species you might see are Giraffe, Waterbuck, Kudu, Impala, Zebra, Blue Wildebees, Warthog, Crocodile, Spotted hyena, African Wild Cat, Porcupine, Serval and sometimes Leopard. (No animal sightings can be promised. Animals roam freely between the Greater Kruger National Park area)

No private vehicles are allowed on the roads of Struwig Eco-Reserve except for access from the main gate to the main camp.

Olifants River Boat Safaris

Sail on the waters of the beautiful Olifants River on the 'Kambaku' houseboat while spotting crocodiles, hippos, buffalo, elephants, waterbuck and a wide variety of other species on the green banks of the river. Olifants River Safaris takes you on an unforgettable 2 to 3 hour journey on one of the largest rivers in the Krugerpark.

Bird whatching

Struwig Eco-Reserve offers an amazing bird watching experience, with a variety of over 500 bird species. Summertime (October - March) is a birdwatcher's paradise as some of the most beautiful birds in the world fly in from the northern winter for a summer vacation in South Africa. Raptors are common - eagles such as Martial Eagle, Black-chested Snake Eagle, Brown Snake-eagle, African Hawk-Eagle and Osprey are regularly seen. In the summer months, Brown Snake-eagle, Steppe Eagle and Lesser Spotted Eagle will also make their appearance. Other raptors, such as Bateleur Eagle, African Harrier-Hawk, Vultures as well as different Falcon species are regularly seen. There is excellent bird watching spots at the park's numerous water holes and rivers. Please do not forget about the Oxpeckers, Glossy Starlings, Lilac-Breasted Roller and Shrikes who characterize the omnipresent avi-fauna. To spot the big 6 (Saddle-billed Stork, Kori Bustard, Martial Eagle, Lappet-faced Vulture, African Fish Eagle and Southern Ground Hornbill) is an excellent birdwatching experience..

Contact information

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General Information

History of the farm

Historical information

Struwig Eco-Reserve was founded by the vision of Mr. P.C. Struwig. Oom "Uncle" Struwig and his wife were childless, but wanted to leave their property to the youth of South Africa. In his will, therefore, he has left the farm known today as Struwig Eco-Reserve, as well as some other properties, in a trust that would be controlled by representatives of certain youth and cultural organizations.

His vision was that this ground would serve as a place where the people of South Africa would relax and enjoy the wonder of the African bush. After the of origin of Struwig Eco-Reserve, it crystallized today that it is managed by a trust consisting of representatives of the Rapportryers, Die Voortrekkers and the Dutch Reformed Church.


Struwig is open to any person to visit. However, preferential rates are given for group bookings for members of the Struwig Trust. Our rates however are as such that it offers an affordable break for all! Nowhere else this type of exclusive nature experience will be available at this price!
Struwig is, of course, ideal for a family holiday, but equally suited to organizations camps, seminars, courses and planning opportunities.

Why are you still waiting?

Reserve Amenities

Struwig Eco-Reserve is the ideal place for family holidays, family breaks and your business planning opportunities, even for church and youth camps it is an ideal destination.

We have 8 chalets (2 to 8 beds), and the units are equipped with their own kitchen and bathroom. Each unit has its own braai area.

Our Youth Center is ideal for youth camps and conferences. It is a beautiful grass-roofed complex with accommodation available for up to 42 people.

A large kitchen is available for larger groups that book the youth center. The kitchen is fully equipped with gas stoves, ovens, refrigerators and freezers. Food can be enjoyed at the lapa in front of the kitchen while the guests have a beautiful view over the Olifants River.

We have a beautiful central lapa with a braai area overlooking the Olifants River. The river is illuminated at night and it is therefore not uncommon to sit and watch animals while braaing.

Dundee Bush Camp is approximately 4km from the main camp and can accommodate 30 people. The camp is ideal for school camps, survival camps and church camps. A "donkey" provides hot water for the outside showers and basic sanitation facilities are available. In the evenings, everyone can sit relaxed around the campfire until very late. The camp also has an area for your own Bush-Caravan or own tents. This campsite has limited availibility, and you need to contact the reservations.

The access road to Struwig can be quite uneven at times, but it is regularly maintained and is accessible by a regular sedan car. All wildlife viewing on the reserve are done with the reserve's own viewing vehicles by our qualified guides.

The reserve is fully self-catering, however, catering can be arranged, please arrange a week before your arrival. Bring your own towels as well. Since Struwig is located in a nature reserve, no pets are allowed. The reserve is located in a Malaria area. Please take the necessary precautions.

Struwig also offers a volunteer program where volunteers get the opportunity to become involved in nature conservation activities. Volunteers are housed in Uitsighuis. It's the ideal opportunity to explore the bush and make new friends.

Terms and Rates

Accommodation rates per person per night

Included in Units A to H - 2 Hour game drive as well as 1 bag of fire wood;

Children under 5 years are for free and children 6 - 12 years are 50% of the adult rate

Unit Description Max Guests Per person per Night
A Unit with linen and towels 8 R 1 080.00
B Unit with linen, towels and air-conditioning 2 R 1 140.00
C Unit with linen, towels and air-conditioning 6 R 1 140.00
D Unit with linen and towels 2 R 1 080.00
E Unit with linen and towels 2 R 1 080.00
F Unit with linen and towels 2 R 1 080.00
G River view Unit with linen, towels and air-conditioning 2 R 1 300.00
H Wheelchair friendly River view Unit with linen, towels and air-conditioning 6 R 1 220.00
Z The whole camp - Excluding the Youth centre - Max 28 guests 28 R 31 880,00

Other costs and rates

Description Rate
Gate entrance fee compulsary R250.00 per vehicle
Game drive - 2 hours R200.00 per person and Children 6 - 12 R100.00
Game drive - 4 hours R400.00 per person and Children 6 - 12 R200.00
Guided walks 2 hours - 3 hours - 4 hours - Min 4 persons Max 8 persons min 16 year R400.00 - R600.00 - R800 per person
Firewoord R 70.00 per bushveld bundel and R30.00 per hard wood bag
Bush braai (food included) R 540.00 per person
Oewer camp catering Accommodation at the Oewer camp includes brunch and dinner
Sleep out at Bushkamp - min. 5 persons R210.00 per person - R105.00 per Child 6 to 12jr
Youth centre Maxsimum 42 guests R580.00 per person and Children 6 tot 12 R290.00 per person - No Game drives
Catering in main camp for groups Per quotation

Cancellation terms:

  • Cancellation fee payable if cancelled 4 weeks or longer before arrival : 10%
  • Cancellation fee payable if cancelled 8-31 days before arrival : 50%
  • Cancellation fee payable if cancelled 0-7 days before arrival : 100%
  • No-Show : 100% still payable
The reserve reserves the right to adjust the rates at any time.


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Our Campsite

Two buschcamps are available.

  • Camp 1 – Maks.
  • Camp 2 – Maks..
Both camps are self catering  

Conference facilities

Under construction.

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